Private Studio

Why to choose private accommodating space for your next business trip?

Business trips are an essential part of every top corporate employee and an entrepreneur’s life. There are many reasons that we suggest you to choose alternative accommodation types like private studios or houses over the standard hotel stay, and to be able to get the very best of that.

* Price: Private apartments can be found at a wide range of prices. Ranging from the simple to the luxurious so there’s something for everyone.

* It Feels Like Home: One of the worst things about traveling for business is that you are away from home, family, so feeling homesick can be a huge possibility and also a huge issue when you’re trying to focus on your work. In every private accommodation you will feel personal touch and attention from the host and one special privacy and freedom like in your real home.

* Additional Services and Amenities: It’s really important for every business traveler to have a WiFi connection wherever he stay. While most hotels do have WiFi it’s frequently offered at an exorbitant rate. Almost every private accommodation offer Free High Speed and some another small but very useful amenities like iron 24/7, self kitchen, hot kettle and even complimentary coffee and tea 🙂

* Good Locations: This kind of accommodation are some of the best types for business trips as they are often situated right in the middle of popular cities or close to important business districts where you may potentially be working. Whilst staying in these wonderful locations, you will have easy access not only to your place of work, but also to leisure activities such as shopping, city sightseeing, going to the movies, theaters or even enjoying the nightlife (if you have a day off work the next day!) Don’t forget all this for one really good price!

* Long Stays: Something that can be incredibly annoying about business trips is that a trip can last for a long period of time or sometimes fluctuate and increase unexpectedly. But this is where you can get the most benefits from staying in an private accommodation rather than in a hotel. Some places like houses for example also let you rent out common rooms for a long period of time if you and your colleagues need more and individual space.

When you plan your next business trip think about for all of this 🙂