Horse Riding in Plana Mountain

60.00 EURO Per Day

Horse Riding in Plana Mountain

In connection with the Covid 19 situation, the tours are private and will be organized for families or companies that have previous contact with each other.

Plana is the high plateau just behind Vitosha mountain, where the rolling hills dominated the landscape. Unbelievable due to the city proximity is the existence of the wilderness with hundred of sq.kilometers of wild mixed pine-beech forest, meadows and riparian forests. It serves as a ecological corridor to the highest mountains of the south.

The trail starts from the stable station, deep in a remote valley where instructions are received and the equipment is checked over. The riders get to know the horses and test the equipment on a short ride in the area around the stable. We warm up with some walking and trotting along a scenic path through the forest.

The trail takes 4-6 km to get to our lodge for a short brake and lunch around a bonfire.

On our way back we pass by special place venerated by “Diamond way” Buddhist followers, where sanctuary with typical Stupa – temple was erected. It is believed that the Stupa concentrate the energies of this special place along with the breathtaking views to the highest Rila and Vitosha peaks.
From there we start a very nice ride completing the tour.

Package price per participant – 60.00 euro (inclusive of transfer, equipped horse, lunch meal box)

* insurances are not inclusive in the package

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